photo of Kissos water fountain, courtesy of Alena Strohbehn

I am packing my bags, sorting out my t-shirts, checking my first-aid kit, generally flapping and realising I’m not as fit as I could be, in preparation for another Greek Odyssey.
If you have ever wondered whether a Greek Odyssey is for you, then let me tell you a few things about this guided walking and swimming holiday:
It is very laid back, but that isn’t to say we don’t aim to set off as soon as possible after our delicious, fresh & fruity breakfast on the terrace. This is to make the most of our days and maximise the time we get to spend enjoying the many beautiful beaches along the Eastern Pelion coast.
We make a packed lunch and set off through the ancient, picturesque village of Kissos, perhaps filling our water bottles at the spring water fountain in the platia (town square). One of many dotted throughout the region.
This holiday is a treat for body, mind and spirit. Starting with the health benefits of free flowing spring water, delicious vegetarian food prepared at Kalikalos, fresh air, walking every day, smiling a lot, swimming in the warm Aegean….it’s like a health farm holiday, without the label. Having said that, we may call in at Kissos bakery and purchase a delicious cheese pie, such as spanakopita (cheese & spinach), or have a cheeky Mythos beer at a taverna on the way down, or perhaps a rich chocolate ice cream desert at Kelly’s Hotel (which is often our pick-up point at the end of the day). Hmmm…this healthy holiday isn’t sounding that healthy after all… But, you don’t have to choose those treats and anyway, health isn’t always measured by diet & exercise.
Having a laugh, nourishing your spirit with beautiful scenery, letting go of all your worries by just being here now, making new friends, lying in a hammock reading that book you never get round to reading, connecting with nature, not checking social media every 5 minutes, these are the gifts of a Greek Odyssey.
So, I probably haven’t answered all your questions, but perhaps given you a wee flavour of what might be in stall for you, if you decide to embark on a Greek Odyssey this year or the next…

On our way down to Agios Ioannis