I understand the urge to climb our big beautiful mountains, their rugged majesty, the sense of achievement, the views, the photo opportunities, the impressiveness of the whole event. Heading into the mild; local footpaths, fields, woodlands, country lanes, gentle hills, lazy rivers, babbling brooks, can hold less glory.

Often when I explore undiscovered footpaths, bridle paths, green lanes and country lanes, I meet no-one and lose myself in the present. A shallow stream, a tree in bloom, the twittering of the birds, the bleating of the sheep, a tractor in the distance, wild flowers. This feels like adventure to me. Discovering places I sense few have trod in many a year. I delight in finding my way through overgrown paths, once important to local country folk and now neglected, patchy avenues of trees marking the way. Few signs or stiles to aid my progress, no bridge across the stream, gates tied, fallen trees across the path, brambles pulling at my clothes (and hair). And yet, finding a way through and heading towards some feature that takes my eye…I drift into feeling like an explorer, totally in the moment, any thoughts of past or present evaporating into now.
I invite you to take a map and become an explorer of your own landscape, an adventurer setting out into the mild…..